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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Long Distance Couple

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Valentine’s Day ♥️, that time of year when love is in the air and you wish more than anything you could be with your lover. Reminders of Valentine’s Day are everywhere and it can be hard to be located far from the one you love. We’ve got you covered with our top 10 Valentine’s Day ideas for the Long Distance Couple that are far from cheesy!

1. Plan a wine tasting 🍾🍷

Head to your local liquor store and pick out a couple bottles of wine that you’ve never tried before. Get out your wine glasses, light some candles, set up your video chat and pour, sip and taste the wines. Pretend you’re at a beautiful vineyard in Tuscany and enjoy the experience together.

2. Plan a multi-course meal 🍛

You might not be able to dine on a prix-fixe Valentine's dinner at a fancy restaurant, but what’s stopping you from creating your own at home? Plan a menu together, get your groceries, maybe a nice bottle of wine, set up your video chat, prepare your masterpieces and dine on your delicious creations together.

3. Take a sexy bubble bath 🛁

A sexy bubble bath sounds like a perfect Valentine’s date. Run your bath, light some candles, grab your favourite drink, put on some music and video chat with each other. You could start with a sexy strip tease for one another and see where the night takes you. We’re sure you can get creative ;). We offer a course on sex from a distance that might help you spice up the evening.

4. Discover your love language 🎁

Have you ever found your love language? If not, google “discover your love language” and take the free quiz together. Such a great tool for all couples to know their love languages to understand how you each give and receive love in a relationship.

Check out our digital bonus chapter: Sex From A Distance. Have fun with your partner while learning how to keep things spicy even when you're not in the same room 🔥

5. Create a cocktail 🍹🍸

This one doesn’t need much explaining but get creative! Pretend you’re the bartender at the city’s most trendy spot and whip up something fun to share together. Bonus points if you can add some fiery flair to your masterpiece.

6. Make dessert together 🍮🧁

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s if there wasn’t dessert or at least some chocolate. Do you have a favourite dessert or a new recipe you’ve been dying to try? Now is your chance! Make it together and see who the Culinary Chef is in the relationship.

7. Order your favorite meal

and eat it together 🌮🍜🍕

You might not be able to order from the same restaurant but you can still both order the same meal. Pad Thai? Sushi? Pizza? Whatever it is, have it delivered, get cozy and dine in together.

8. Have fun with your LDR Activity book 📖📕

Complete an activity from your LDR activity book! Set the mood with some music, candles and your favourite drink, open up your LDR activity book and choose an activity to complete.

9. Attend a virtual cooking class together 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

You can do this as part of a larger group or plan one that is just the two of you to make it more intimate. Try cooking a cuisine you’ve never cooked together, get silly and have fun!

10. Plan a trip together 🏖️🗼

Don’t know the next time you’ll see each other? Maybe you can plan it right now! Be spontaneous and plan a last minute trip somewhere together or sit down and plan out your dream vacation. The world is your oyster, where will you go together next?

While we know spending Valentine’s Day away from your special someone isn’t easy, we know that with these ideas you’ll still be able to have a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day connecting with the one you love.

P.S. If you want to send your Valentine a gift, check out our post on our top picks for long distance relationship gifts.

Sam and Jared ♥

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