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10 Long Distance Relationship Valentine’s Gifts Under $50

Updated: May 27, 2019

Valentine’s Day - the holiday of love and one of the most popular gift exchange events of the year. But how can you show your partner you care from a distance, and especially if you’re on a tight budget?

Check out our gift guide and discover 10 unique and thoughtful gift ideas for your long distance valentine - all under $50!

The best relationships aren't filled with huge gestures and expensive gifts. They are a combination of tiny, heart warming, oh so comfy micro-moments that build on themselves over time.

Use the Couple's Bucket List cards to create meaningful and memorable moments with your partner any time whether you’re in the same place or not.

Everyone has a unique love story. Telling your long distance lover why they are special has never been this easy and fun! Create your own personalized Love Book that tells your love story and lists all the reasons why you love someone.

Their online platform is easy to use and your can customize your book as much or as little as you'd like. On sale now for V-Day.

Use code "gbinayaslbvday15" for 15% off!

The Ask Deep Questions Card Deck includes 48 thoughtful questions that go below the surface to create meaningful connections. Now available for sale after raising over $15,000 on Kickstarter.

One of the main benefits of LDRs we heard over and over is how you build up communication and connection so much faster through deep conversations over the phone or video chat. These cards are perfect to take your conversations to the next level.

Planning an upcoming trip with your long distance lover? If so, this gift is perfect!

This 30-day BVOY Travel Journal provides guided prompts when you’re seeking a more enriching and meaningful travel experience. It’s perfect to use in a pair with your partner on your next trip to make the most of your experience together.

The LDR Activity Book is a fun and interactive, activity-filled book for couples in long distance relationships or those often separated by distance.

It includes 8 fun chapters that you work on with your partner covering everything from how to improve your communication to filling out a sexy crossword puzzle.

BoldLoft has a ton of gifts perfect for long distance couples that are cute and not too expensive.

They offer things that come in pairs, including pillowcases, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and glasses. Each pair is connected by a design.

LoveCoups lets you create a custom and personalized coupon book for your lover. You can customize the characters in the book to look like yourself and your partner and even change facial expressions and body postures for each coupon.

Bonus: they have special coupons made for couples in long distance relationships and are on sale for V-Day!

KindNotes offers jars of messages for the recipient to open each day, or anytime they need a smile.

You can select from their completed sets that are ready to send or totally customize your gift by writing the messages, designing the jar and envelopes, and more.

Bonus: sse the discount code "LDRbook" to get 20% off at checkout!

Give your long distance lover a gift that keeps on giving.

Check out this Cratejoy list of subscription boxes that are great for long distance relationships to see if any would excite your partner. They have subscription boxes that include everything from coffee, to sexy underwear, to adventure products.

Turn your face into a cuddly cushion and ship to your lover with Mushions.

Kind of creepy but also kind of hilarious and thoughtful. This one will definitely make your LDR lover laugh if nothing else!

You can’t go wrong with any of these options! Let us know if you gift anything from this list to your partner and how they liked it by commenting or messaging us on Instagram @ldr.activities.

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