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Our Story

We’re Sam and Jared. We created this activity book as a tribute to the relationship that almost didn’t happen 😮


Our story: When Jared was leaving Sam behind in Toronto to pursue a tech job in San Francisco, almost everyone said it wouldn’t work. They claimed an LDR would hurt Jared’s experience in SF and ruin the positive memories we had made during our previous #SummerOfLove. 

But –  in classic Millennial fashion – we decided we’re special and went for it anyway. Over two years we picked up many lessons (most learned the hard way) and fun activities to keep our relationship strong AF despite living three time zones apart. It definitely took work, epic long distance relationships don’t just happen, but we made it through and now we want to help others do it too.


Our method: Building on our own experience, we interviewed dozens of real-life couple and partnered with both a Registered Psychologist  and a Sexologist.

Why? To figure out what it actually takes to have a successful LDR and then bring you those insights in a super-fun, activity-filled book that you can enjoy with your partner. 
Your LDR is in our hands now... no pressure 😉


With love,

Sam + Jared 


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