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Will a Long Distance Relationship Lead to Marriage? 💍💒👰🏼

Like any question that caters to the heart, the answer is: “it depends”

To start, take comfort from the fact that long distance relationships can work. Many cultures around the world and across time have long since proven to us that being in a long distance relationship can be very successful. Professions that require men to travel in faraway places to search for their fortune, to trade, or to go to war, have been the early kind of long distance relationships.

Today in this modern age, we enjoy multitudes of tools and technology at our disposal to temporarily bridge the geographical gap of some of the most trying long distance relationships.

With that said, it still depends deeply on the commitment of the couples to each other in the relationship.

Communication 📞📱

Maintain a strong and reliable system of connection between the two of you. Do it as often as needed, too little can strain the relationship but too much can also be overbearing. Find the right amount of communication and adjust accordingly with each other.

Discuss with each other the perfect balance of frequency and duration of every call or every video chat. Try out other forms of communication such as text or mail. These little messages can add to the excitement of each interaction.

Support each other’s interests 🕹💃🏼🍽

More than the relationship, the two of you are growing individuals with your own personal interests and preferences. Explore each other’s world of interest and cultivate a healthy attitude of support for each other.

By securing this bond of mutual support, you enable each other to grow. This also allows you to stay connected with something important for each person. Being a source of support for each other's growth can be very helpful in any relationship.

Do something together 📕💌

Marriage is more than just romance. After the passionate fireworks, each of you must prepare a lifetime of companionship. As a long distance couple, it would be great practice to find ways you can do this as a couple. It would let you and your partner feel connected even in the simplest ways.

Learn to be comfortable with each other by doing activities that encourage you both to be more than lovers but as a working and effective team.

Grab a copy of #LDR Activity Book, answer the questions together and you will surely have a chance to know him more. ♥

Discuss serious issues ❣❣❣

While dating and being in a long distance relationship, people tend to put their best foot forward most of the time. However, little by little, both of you must start discussing topics of a more important nature such as future plans, family relationships, and even money. Many couples tend to put off these topics to find that they both have difficulty in dealing with these issues with their spouses.

Set a precedent where both of you can start trusting each other especially with matters that would greatly affect both of you in the future.

Always look on the bright side 🌈💑

Optimism has a knack of being contagious. Allowing yourself to look at the positive side of things can also encourage your partner to do so which is especially vital when you’re in a long distance relationship.

Being in a long distance relationship has its positive aspects such as a better grasp of your time, being more proficient in communication, and being able to focus with one’s occupation better. As such, being a positive person is very attractive even when your situation can be less than ideal.

Respect why you’re in a long distance relationship 💕

Being in a long distance relationship is not a walk in the park. But one way or another, many people find themselves in this situation because of very important reasons. Some have to work overseas, others have to study abroad, while some are separated purely by circumstance. Whatever the reason, you must have a deep understanding of why you are apart and set yourself to continue with your goal.

Quitting something out of love may sound romantic, but before doing anything impulsive, take a step back and assess other things that matter to keep your relationship alive such as finances, goals, and your overall situation.

Set up the goal for the next step 🎯

Every long distance relationship must eventually cease being long distance if a successful marriage is to happen. As such, you must work together as a couple to set real, doable, and time bound goals to combine your worlds together.

More than the wedding, you must plan how your life would be once you’re together instead of being physically apart. Being married is not meant to be an impulsive decision and must take a lot of planning and, in some cases, praying. What’s important is that both of you must be working together and are at the same page in this plan.

Would you consider relocating to close the distance as your next step? But, who should relocate? 🤔💭

Remind each other of your commitment 💑

Ultimately, whenever you find yourselves in a troubled time in your relationship, you must remind each other of your commitment. Traceback to why you’re in the relationship in the first place. Remind yourselves that you both chose each other to be each other’s companion, partner, and lover.

By cherishing the past, appreciating the present, and anticipating a bright future together, you can move forward against any challenge that being in a long distance relationship may bring to you. Eventually, if you’re able to support and nurture each other, it’s not impossible to be setting yourself to a successful marriage.

Are you marrying someone miles apart from you SOON? We would love to hear your story, send us a DM on Instagram. 💌🥰

Sam and Jared

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