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10 Benefits of Being in a Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship usually spells difficulty for many couples. People in love must naturally be together, right? As human beings, we crave physical interaction. Some would go far as to say it’s a basic need.

However, many couples find themselves in a long distance relationship setup that' in many cases unavoidable. While a long distance relationship can feel like a setback at first, in time there can be many advantages for the couple. Here are ten benefits of being in a long distance relationship.

1. You forge a stronger bond 😻

Finding yourselves physically apart, you tend to compensate by being mentally close. Our minds find new ways of filling the geographical gap. We learn to spend more time communicating with each other and in doing so, couples tend to forge a stronger bond than those not in a long distance relationship.

2. You adopt a big picture perspective 🧐

Knowing the barriers in your relationship allows you to explore a wider outlook of things. We don’t notice petty issues that non LDR couples often fight over. You tend to have a deeper appreciation of the little things coupled with a healthy understanding of the grand scheme of things especially when it comes to your relationship goals.

3. You grow better as a partner and as an individual 👧🏼❤👦🏼

Being in a long distance relationship magnifies your sense of self. Instead of taking the role of half of a whole, you find yourself as a whole entity coupled with another whole person. The long stretches of time between each call can be spent in improving yourselves as individuals worthy of your long distance partner.

4. You get better at communication 💻📱

Thanks to modern technology, you now have the option to create a virtual space that can supplement the connection between you and your partner. You also learn to be sensitive to verbal and non-verbal cues. Armed with a better skill in communication, you can further develop your relationship with a deeper understanding of your partner.

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5. You learn to be creative when being intimate 😍

Sex doesn’t have to be a difficult subject between long distance couples. We humans tend to explore new ways to satisfy our sexual urges without being unfaithful to our partners. You can find new games or try out toys to intensify the experience. Ultimately, couples can permit themselves to be creative so long as they maintain trust and love between them always. Download our "Sex From a Distance" e-book for less than $5 😉

6. You develop trust 💏

Trust is an integral key to any relationship but even more with a long distance one. Being apart from your partner is a unique opportunity to practice trust. Knowing one’s commitment despite being far away is a truly liberating and empowering feeling for any partner.

7. You test your patience 👀

Many have said that patience is a virtue. In a world where everything is provided instantly, you have a chance to step back and linger. Be in the moment and breathe in the world around you. Being in an LDR allows you to adopt an attitude of patience and grit. We all know that the rewards you receive after a great sacrifice can be truly amazing!

8. You become more independent 🚶🏼‍♂️

Being on your own without your partner forces you to tackle your challenges head on! Manage your finances, prepare your dinner, taking care of your health, you are thrusted in a position where you have to fend for yourself. And that’s okay! By being in a long distance relationship, you find that you can grow your self-sufficiency and confidence as an individual.

9. You have more time for your passions 💃🏼

An upside of not having your partner constantly hovering near you is that you get to spend long stretches of time pursuing your own personal passions. Learning a skill or pursuing a hobby can be time intensive and may not necessarily work for someone with a partner to entertain all the time. However, being in a long distance relationship enables you to balance your time properly allowing for personal passions.

10. You solidify your love 👩‍❤️‍👩

Committing to a long distance relationship, despite the challenges and especially for a long period of time, is a true testament of faith and love. Couples often experience a deeper more solid connection after successfully maintaining a long distance relationship.

It would take a great effort from each other to make it work. But ultimately, as long as each one of you is focused, determined, and passionate about your relationship, you can make it work. Here are ten ideas you can do to spice up your long distance relationship.

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♥ Sam and Jared

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