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How Long Can a Long Distance Relationship Last?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Being in a steady and worthwhile long distance relationship can be incredibly satisfying if you have the right partner. Despite making it work, a natural concern would be how long can a long distance even relationship last without closing the distance?

Unlike regular romantic relationships, being with someone who is physically distant can pose certain problems. For one thing, there are challenges in being intimate. In-person dates are out of the question and being able to experience things together is just not that easy.

It’s not unreasonable to worry how long you can, as a couple, keep this up in the face of all those challenges. When dealing with long distance relationships and assessing how long it can last, it is important to put many things into consideration.

Here are 4 tips to determine how long a long distance relationship can last:

1. Have a feel on the pulse 💚

Like any relationship, communication is the key. More so in a long distance relationship. As a couple, you must invest in tools to help you maintain a clear and constant line of communication. Talk often and have a feel of each other’s challenges and concerns. By bridging the gap through communication, you can continue to be there without really being there.

Oftentimes, people in long distance relationships have better communication than those that are not. With a finger on the pulse of your relationship, you can have a general idea of how well you are doing together as a couple.

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2. Rely on the culture ❤

Culture is a huge factor you need to consider. Throughout history in some cultures, there were men who went away to hunt or go on wars or find fortunes for months or years on end leaving their families at home. This kind of culture of mutual respect and trust between partners is something you need to develop in your long distance relationship.

If you and your partner were brought up in either a conservative or liberal culture when it comes to relationships, adjust accordingly. Agree on what suits you and calibrate your inclinations to a setup that is most advantageous to the survival of your relationship.

3. Know Your Preferences and inclinations 💙

Knowing each other’s personal preferences and inclinations can be the determining factor of how long a long distance relationship can last. Some people are highly focused on their careers which can be good in this kind of setup but should still be tempered with being able to give some time for love. Other people can be impatient and insecure, these types can be troublesome and may spell out an impending end to long distance.

Knowing what you and your partner are like is a natural process in any relationship. By knowing each other, you give yourselves the ability to make informed rational decisions in terms of keeping your long distance relationship. Find the right balance of preferences and inclination will enable both of you to make it last as long as you need it to last.

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4. Test your resolve

Approach long distance relationships like any kind of relationship. Accept that your particular challenge, being physically distant, is like any relationship challenge. Test your resolve in this relationship and take notes of how both of you can adjust accordingly. There is no perfect setup and all relationships are basically two people figuring things out as they go along.

What’s important is focusing on the person you love first and everything else second. The real answer to how long a long distance relationship can last, is simply how long the two of you will allow it to last. By maintaining the willingness to sacrifice, making things exciting, and sharing the load of the burden, any long distance relationship can flourish.

Of course, despite making it all work, the most ideal goal any LDR could have is finally being together physically after all is said and done.

Planning to close the distance? Who do you think should relocate?

Do you have more tips to make a relationship last longer? Chat with us on Instagram or Pinterest. We would love to hear from you! ♥

Sam and Jared

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