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10 Ideas to Spice Up a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships have their challenges. Many couples find that boredom can be a nagging downside with this kind of setup. Being able to adapt can save a long distance relationship!

This concern often leads to blaming each other or other issues. In reality, it’s a natural feeling especially considering the long distance separating you from each other. However, it’s not impossible to find ways to take away the boredom and spice up your relationship. 🧡

It would take a great effort from each other to make it work. But ultimately, as long as each one of you is focused, determined, and passionate about your relationship, you can make it work.

Here are ten ideas you can do to spice up your long distance relationship:

#1 Lessen the time you spend talking 💭

Too much communication may actually lead to a boring relationship. Pace your face time enough to make every call something to look forward to. Anything in excess is not necessarily good. Having enough time to experience stories you can share on your next call can be a healthy practice.

#2 Focus on the clear and straightforward conversation 👂🏼👊🏼

While sharing sweet nothings during conversation is often a sweet gesture to a partner, it would sometimes pull you to a rabbit-hole of boredom. Promote a clear and interactive line of communication. Commit to your topics and keep a point of focus especially when on a call. Drifting conversations can get old over time.

#3 Find something exciting to share 😍

People have always been eager listeners of stories. Combat boredom by introducing excitement through your stories. You don’t need to go on an adventure every day, but an animated passionate take on even the most mundane things can inspire excitement to every conversation especially from someone you love.

#4 Explore playing video games together 🎮

Regardless of your age, you can never not appreciate the magic of video games. It’s a fun-filled interactive game that shortens the distance between you. Both of you face the same challenges in the game. Try multiplayer role-playing games or just have some fun with some small games on your phones, video games are a great form of escape from the real world.

#5 Send an occasional handwritten letter with a photo 🧾📩

Despite all the technological advancements available to us today, nothing beats the old-fashioned love letter sent through snail mail. The feeling of exchanging heartfelt correspondence painstakingly written by hand is a form of exciting rare treasure even to this day. It is something to keep and can stand the test of time.

#6 Surprise with small gifts and care packages 🎈🎁💐

The best kinds of gifts are those you least expect. Surprise your partner with a small trinket to let them know you’re thinking of them. You don’t need to splurge, but a little present to be opened never hurt a long distance relationship. Share something in your area that they can’t acquire from theirs and start a small back and forth.

#7 Share a mutual hobby or activity together 💑✍🏼💃🏼🕺🏼

Hobbies and fun activities can bring couples closer together even if they’re miles apart. Learn a new skill or join an online club. You and your partner can learn a skill together. Learn how to bake, paint, draw, dance, or speak a new language. Build your collective set of interests and widen your group of mutual friends together.

#8 Send each other saucy texts 📱

Sneak away from work for a couple of minutes and send your partner a quick text. From innocent quotes to flirty one-liners, send that text message. Start a small exchange of these naughty notes. You don’t need to reply immediately or make it into full-on conversations but having that spicy unread text message to open once in a while can surely brighten up your day.

#9 Schedule a Netflix and chill date night 🎞📽🎬

Distance is not an excuse not to spend time together. While Netflix and chill can be code for something more intimate, you could just actually enjoy a movie together. Make a list of movies and shows that you haven’t watched yet and pick a date to watch them together. Virtual date night is what you want it to be.

#10 Plan your upcoming reunion date IRL 🗓📝⏰

Long distance relationships while difficult promises a happy ending when it’s time to reunite. Take the time to plan your reunion with the person you love. Discuss your plans, where you would go, and what you’d do. Make a list of goals, ideas, and even a budget.

Check The #LDR Activity Book for more activities and guides to spice up your relationship. Share your thoughts with us on Instagram.

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