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Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

When you're in a long distance relationship, sending your partner a surprise gift or present for their birthday takes extra thought. It's harder to enjoy the gift together.

Since there's distance between you two, you can't always buy gift experiences like concert tickets, couple's massages or weekend getaways.

Luckily there's a solution! We've found some of the best long distance relationship gifts you can enjoy together.

1. Bond Touch Bracelets - When you touch it, they feel it. No matter where they are.

These bracelets were made specifically for long distance relationships!

Long Distance Relationship Gift

2. Pillow Talk - Lets you hear the realtime heartbeat of your long distance loved one. They can listen to your heartbeat in their pillow and you can hear theirs. 

Long Distance Relationship Gift

3. Kitmen Keung watch - Allows you to set two timezones! A well designed, high quality watch that also works well for long distance relationships.

Long Distance Relationship Gift

4. The #LDR Activity Book - fun and interactive activities you complete with your partner, from a distance. The physical book is like a scrapbook of memories of your LDR.

Long Distance Relationship Gift


5. Lovense sex toys - helps long distance couples remain intimate. When you move your toy, the other reacts- enabling lovers to connect and play together regardless of the distance!

Long Distance Relationship Gift

6. Telegram Stop - Send a classic retro telegram the easy way. They'l print and post your telegram and even email you a digital copy!

Long Distance Relationship Gift

7. Distance Bracelets - Feel close no matter the distance. With over 75 distance bracelets to choose from, you'll find the perfect pair to share with your long distance lover. Use code sam&jared10 at the checkout for 10% off.

Have an idea for a long distance relationship gift we may have missed? Send us a note on Instagram and we'll update our list!

Sam and Jared

Co Authors, The #LDR Activity Book

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