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Top 5 Voted Virtual Date Ideas To Get You Through COVID

We thought we prepared our readers for anything, but COVID has many long-distance couples stuck apart for even longer times than usual. Being forced apart with so much uncertainty about when you'll see your partner again can make it really tough to stay connected. We did a poll to see what virtual date ideas LDR couples liked the most - here are the top 5!

Virtual Date Idea #1: Dinner for Two 🍕

You’ll each pick out a secret recipe and schedule a time to go grocery shopping in your respective cities.

Choose who's secret recipe you'll try first (you'll want to each make the same meal so you can do the same steps together). Whoever's recipe is choen first, send the ingredients list of your to your partner so they can buy what's necessary for the meal.

Once you’ve each had time to pick up ingredients for the recipe, schedule a video call and walk each other through the steps involved for making it. Final step? You guessed it - eat together! The mystery and anticipation of it will be electrifying, plus who doesn’t love food?!

Virtual Date Idea #2: Netflix & Chill 📺

We know it’s not the same as a romantic evening together on the couch, but we found this to be the next best thing! Pick out a movie or TV show on Netflix, hop on a video call, and hit play at the the same time (sans cuddling 😔)

Virtual Date Idea #3: Battle Your Partner Online 🙌

This one is simple. Go online and play a multiplayer game with your partner. ​Check out Yahoo Games where you can play hundreds of multiplayer games while reliving your youth.

And there’s nothing like a little friendly competition between lovers. Keep track of your scores over the a couple weeks and see who's the real winner.


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Virtual Date Idea #4: Share some insights 🧠

Take turns picking out books, podcast episodes, or online articles for each of you to consume independently. When you’re both done, find a time to discuss your reflections or insights together on a call.

You’re bound to learn something new and spark a more interesting convo than your typical daily updates.

Virtual Date Idea #5: Virtual Dance Party 🕺

Create a Spotify playlist of songs you think your partner will like. Create a decorated space with room for dancing in each of your places. Get on a video call and use Spotify's new feature called a "Shared Session" to play the playlist together at the exact same time.

You'll be smiling and laughing in no time as you have a dance off. Don't want to disturb the neighbors? Plug in your headphones and make it a silent disco!


Liked these these virtual date ideas? Many of them can be found throughout our book - The #LDR Activity Book and you can learn more about the Co-Authors here.

♥️ Sam and Jared

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