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10 Long Distance Relationship Statistics

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Every couple and relationship is unique but that doesn't mean that there isn't common themes and things to watch out for that can tie them together. Here's 10 facts about Long Distance Relationships we think you should know about.

Stat #1: on average couples in long-distance relationships will visit each other 1.5 times a month. How often do you see your boo and has this changed due to COVID-19?

Stat #2: Over ⅓ of LDRs fail within 3 months once couples close the distance. What’s the secret to avoiding this? Use the same principles we teach in our book: alignment and expectation setting.

Stat #3: on average couples in a long-distance relationship call each other every 2.7 days. But every couple is different - how often do you communicate?

Stat #4: Women tend to adjust to LDRs more easily. Has this been the case in your LDR?

Stat #5: About ⅓ of college students are in an LDR relationship. And ¾ of college students report having been in an LDR at some point.


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Stat #6: Studies show that people who live far away from their lovers aren’t necessarily more likely to be unhappy than people who lived close to their special someone. The secret? Build proper communication and trust.

Stat #7: Being in a perpetual long-distance relationship is a choice more couple are consciously making. Almost 10% of couples in North America are choosing to be long distance rather than being forced into it by circumstance due to school, work, or otherwise

Stat #8: The number-one problem that long-distance couples face when coming back together was a loss of autonomy. So enjoy that freedom while you can because there's a lot to be grateful for when you're in a long distance relationship.

Stat #9: about 40% of long distance relationships end in break up. We wrote the #LDR Activity Book to lower this number and now hundreds of couples trust us with their relationships too.

Stat #10: Studies show that after about 5 months is when LDR couples start to notice problems in their relationship. Our book helps you get on the same page and avoid being another statistic!


Many of these quotes can be found throughout our book - The #LDR Activity Book and you can learn more about the Co-Authors here.

♥️ Sam and Jared

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