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Do you have what it takes to survive the distance?

40% of long distance relationships end in a breakup 💔

This psychology-backed activity book is designed to strengthen relationships,

from a distance.

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Trusted by hundreds of couples 🌍

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An interactive experience for long distance couples. 

  • Learn and grow by doing. We’re not your average resource - in addition to covering foundational topics, each chapter has activities that you complete independently and with your partner.

  • Custom and unique to each couple. We know, you’re special! Choose activities ranging from personality tests 👀 to crossword puzzles 🔑, creating relationship bucket lists 📝, and even games for conflict resolution 😤

But that's not all...

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Proven template for LDR success.

  • Backed by experts and research. Don’t take our word for it - we interviewed dozens of couples and partnered with both a Registered Psychologist and a Sexologist 🔥 who have over 40 years of combined experience! 

  • Tried and trusted globally. People love us! Ask any of the hundreds of happy customers from North America, Europe, Asia and beyond. NBD, but we reached our Kickstarter goal in 24 hours  😏

    And there's more...

Focused on the bright side ☀️

  • Make distance your asset. Don’t feel sorry for us - we’re breaking the stigma that long distance relationships suck and helping couples reap the (many) benefits.

  • A one-stop shop for LDRs. Stop scouring the internet and listening to your great aunt - we’ve condensed what you need to know into eight fun and digestible chapters anyone can benefit from 🙌

We're in this with you. 

Don't leave your relationship up to chance. 

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